My cost

£99 inc VAT is the standard minimum price you pay when you book a single screening.

This is the standard minimum screening fee of £75 + £15 VAT + delivery fee £9

If 35% of your total ticket sales (exc VAT if you charge it ) is greater than the minimum screening fee (exc VAT ), we will invoice you for the difference + VAT after the screening. See worked example below.


Standard minimum screening fee is £75 + £15 VAT = £90

Occasionally, the minimum screening fee for some programmes is more than £75. You can always see the pricing before you choose what you are going screen.

Delivery fee is always £7.50 + £1.50 VAT = £9

This pays part of what it costs us to create, store and securely deliver digital media files to you.

What I can charge

A minimum ticket price of £4 and £2 concessions but you can charge more if you want.


Within 7 days of your screening, simply log into your account and complete a return telling us how many tickets you sold and at what price.

Worked example

You log in to your account, choose your programme, complete the event details and confirm your booking by making an online payment for the standard minimum price of £99 inc VAT.

We send you a ‘paid’ invoice for this amount.

You sell 65 x full price tickets at £4 and 15 x concessions at £2
(If you charge VAT these would be sold at £4.80 and £2.40)

You log in to your account and complete an online return for your event.

Your total ticket sales are:
(65 x £4 = £260) + (15 x £2 = £30) = £290
35% of £290 = £101.50

This is greater than the minimum screening fee of £75. The difference is £26.50

You make an online payment for £26.50 + £5.30 VAT = £31.80.

We send you a ‘paid’ invoice for this amount.