How it works

Once registered follow our six step process:

1. Select
A single title, a curated programme of titles and extras, or create your own programme — downloadable in one go under a single licence.

2. Book
Enter your screening location, event date and make an online payment to complete your booking.
You can download marketing materials at the bottom of each title information panel.

3. Promote
Tell people all about your event. Grow your audience with these helpful marketing tips.

4. Set up
Download the programme, plug into your AV system†† and you'll be ready to screen.

5. Screen
Run your event!

6. Report
When it's done (within 7 days) report back your ticket sales and revenues.
It’s that simple!

The first time, you’ll need to download the Cinegi Player.

†† Have a look at our technical guidance for the basic computer, projection and sound equipment you will need.

To start screening with Cinegi, or to register for updates click here .