FAQs for the Cinegi platform

How much does it cost to screen using Cinegi?

Put simply, the minimum cost is £99 including VAT. Please see our Pricing section for a detailed explanation.

What equipment do I need to put on a Cinegi screening?

Put simply, all you need is a laptop, a projector, sound system and a surface to project onto. Please see our Technical guidance document for a detailed explanation.

What are the benefits of using Cinegi?

In the simplest terms, Cinegi screenings allow you to do everything from booking to screening to reporting through a single application. It’s slightly cheaper than other available methods. No postage or couriers are required. And the quality is better than DVD. Please see our Key Features section for a detailed explanation.

What is a programme?

A programme is one or more films (titles) that are put together ready to screen like a playlist. You can create your own programme and there are some featured programmes we have curated for you. Programmes are limited to 3 hours combined running time of titles (or up to 4 hours including related extras). There cannot be more than 1 longform title. Extras must be related to titles in the programme.

Why won’t Cinegi let me create an event?

The most likely reason is that you haven’t created a programme and/or location. Unless you select a featured programme or you have created at least one of your own, an event cannot be created. If you haven’t created at least one location, you also can’t create an event.

How do I play programmes I’ve booked?

Once you have completed the booking process, you will need to download the Cinegi player to the computer or laptop you will be screening from. Once you have done this and logged in on the Player you can download the programme ready to play.

How soon can I download the programme I’ve booked?

Programmes are available immediately for download once you’ve booked an event. Make sure you download the film to the machine you intend to play the programme from on the night. This will require the Cinegi player to be installed on that machine, which you can do from the player page.

Can I play my packages through other video software like Windows Media Player or QuickTime?

Our security encryption means that Cinegi content can only be played in our bespoke player. Our excellent encryption algorithm is the reason we have been successful in persuading distributors and content providers to allow their films to be distributed over the internet. Use of our own player also allows us to give you a more seamless, integrated experience, with no cuing up of content, intervals pre-set into the programme, etc.

How do we know how many times you have shown a programme?

The system records how many times a programme has been played. You can only play each package one time for each event that you have booked with it. It is important to enter accurate screening date information, as the player will block any attempts to play a film after the day it has been booked for.

The event is finished. How do I submit my returns?

Go to the dashboard on the site. You should see reminders to complete a return for each event that has happened. When you submit a return, you’ll be asked to make an online payment if there’s any extra to pay. Please see our Pricing section for a detailed explanation.

How do I pay?

You make an online payment at the time of booking (and any additional payment, at the time of making your return).

What do I need to do about music licences?

Venues / Promoters have a duty to ensure that any necessary music licences for screening the programme have been cleared. There are two collecting societies who act for musicians, composers and publishers, PRS & PPL.

New Licences
Phone – 0203 741 3621
Email – live.newbusiness@prsformusic.com

Existing Licences
Phone – 0203 741 3622
Email – live.musiclicence@prsformusic.com

New Licences
Phone – 020 7534 1070
Email – applications@ppluk.com

Existing Licences
Phone – 020 7534 1450
Email – ppcustomer.service@ppluk.com